"It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into." - Terri Guillemets

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And we had an idea...

    Imagine you have just received the life changing news that you are going to be a parent. Mixed emotions overwhelm you; excitement, fear, confusion, and pure bliss. You need a safe haven; somewhere to go for support, love, and comfort as you take the first steps of this journey.
    A home; a refuge, a beautiful place for mothers and fathers to-be to be warmly guided and accepted into parenthood.  We will have an inviting birthing center where we will provide prenatal care and labor support. We will follow each mother through her pregnancy from conception to breastfeeding and postpartum care. Our doors will always be open to come meet with our on staff nurse-midwife, lactation consultant, therapist, nutritionalist and many other crucial companions. We will have classes, support groups, activities, and everything else necessary to make your experience Ethereal.

This idea is still in the making…here are some other ideas that are in the air.
  • ·         A mostly family oriented and ran business
  • ·         A home-like facility
  • ·         Breast feeding consultant – Kayleigh Bennett
  • ·         Business Coordinator – Heather Bubel
  • ·         Nurse Midwife – Mackenzie Bennett
  • ·         Advertiser – Kaylee Putnam
  • ·         Support group leader – Trish Slussar
  • ·         Nutritionalist and fitness leader – Christy Bennett
  • ·         Photographer – Crystal Slussar
  • ·         Nursery Care giver – Emily Slussar
  • ·         Daddy Coaching/Accountant – David Bubel
  • ·         And many more greatly appreciated family members…anyone who agrees this idea is amazing.
We are passionate about making this dream a reality. If you are too and have a way to get one step closer, let’s hear it!

P.S. If your name was included and we have not yet consulted with you, we apologize, but hope you have been inspired.